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The IC Wiki ( consists of articles and categories of articles which are presented using the MediaWiki software. This is the same software used by Wikipedia encyclopedia, the most widely used Wiki in the world.

Please refer to their finely-crafted Wikipedia Help for the most complete guidance on how to use or edit the IC Wiki – usually, if you just replace “Wikipedia” with “IC Wiki” the instructions generally apply.

IC Wiki Policy

Before adding or editing pages please see our ICWiki:Policy page. Policy is set by IC Wiki administrators and the Foundation for Intentional Community. If you have policy suggestions make them at ICWiki-talk:Policy. IC Wiki policy is similar to the much more extensively developed wikipedia:Wikipedia policy, but there are some differences.

Editing Help

Basic Information on the wiki markup language can be found at the Wikipedia Cheatsheet

You can look for more help at wikipedia: Help Editing, Editor Help and How to edit a page

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