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Group decision and communications process

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Group decision and communications process

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Some Challenging Questions for New Communities

Who are members?

  • What is the process and qualifications to become a member?
  • Most communities require people to attend a minimum number of functions and be approved by the members.
  • Some communities have found that Investment = Commitment and require a non-refundable investment to weed out the “just looking’ folks from the serious. $100 will clearly identify the real committed from the onlookers.
  • If members will need to invest several thousand dollars eventually , a hundred bucks is really not very much money. Make this a non-refundable investment.

How are decisions made?

  • Who gets to make them?
  • Consider starting with a 3/4 majority vote. Learn about consensus before you commit your group decision making to it.
  • Allow only members to vote but allow anyone to offer ideas and opinions.

How will meetings be run

  • Who gets to talk, when?
  • Having someone hold the role of facilitator helps enormously.
  • Maybe some facilitation training from a process consultant would be useful?

How will conflicts be handled/resolved?

  • When we don’t agree how will we work it out?
  • Holding lots of parties and rituals together will grow bonds and make conflicts easier.
  • Family counselors could be a mediator in a dispute, or identify other people in advance who could help the group make a tough decision.

How will records be kept?

  • Who takes notes, how are they distributed and to whom?
  • Start by taking turns at note-taking, encourage those that are good at it.
  • At the end of the meeting:
    • Assign any tasks to specific volunteers with dates due
    • Read quickly through the notes about any decisions made so what is in the notes is accurate and agreed to.

How will new members be brought up to speed?

  • Record your decisions in a decision document and hand it out to new members.
  • When you get to about a dozen people assign new members a “buddy” who explains the processes and history.

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