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ESPERE® Method

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ESPERE® Method

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The ESPERE® method is an educational approach which facilitates healthy communication. It can be used in Intentional Communities and communes to improve relationships and the culture of dialogue. It is sometimes combined with Non-violent communication.

The ESPERE® method

„The ESPERE® method (Energy Specifically Providing an Essential Relational Ecology) is an educational approach built on the work of the psycho- sociologist and writer Jacques Salomé.
It allows learning to communicate healthily – it is possible to start at any age, whether it is at a personal level or whether to transmit it by becoming an agent for change in our near environment.
It offers a set of concepts, guidelines and tools to improve communication and human relationships: couple relationships, parents-children or adults-children relationships, relationships at school and in the working world, helping relationships and relationships to illness, non-violent relationships etc.
Its goal is to promote a better relational ecology between human beings and to be able to safeguard at least, if not to increase, the liveliness of life within everyone and around us.“ (From the ESPERE homepage)

External Links

ESPERE Istitute Homepage (English, French and German) Jaques salome’s Homepage (French).

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