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East Wind Community is an egalitarian intentional community that was founded in 1973 and is located on 1045 acres of woods, hills and meadows in the Missouri Ozarks. All decisions by which we live are assented to by the majority of members. We do not dictate manners of living so long as members do their fair share of labor and not break our bylaws.

The communities land, residences, domestic facilities, businesses and labor are all held in common by the membership. All income received is regarded as communal income. Expenses are communal obligations. The community provides food, clothes, child care, health care, transportation and whatever else the membership deems appropriate. These entitlements are distributed among the members in a fair and equitable manner.

East Wind is also the site of the 2010 Villages in the Sky festival. Crews are already working on site to build this family friendly celebration of air. Zip line, tree houses, wind turbines and giant play structures are being erected by volunteers on the far edge of the East Wind land for this event.