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Duma trial membership application

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Duma trial membership application

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KL & AH: 3/94

Please attach your

responses to this application (or write them on the back).






  • 1. When would you be

    able to move into Du•má?

    2. Have you read the trial membership

    process and trial member education agreement? Are you

    willing to complete these?

    3. How do you

    envision contributing to the health and stability of

    Du•má? Will you remain in Du•má long enough

    to make a significant contribution?

    4. Have you read

    the trial membership agreement and are you willing to

    abide by all the provisions? Do you have any concerns

    regarding this agreement?

    5. Are you capable

    of paying the initial membership fee and monthly fees? If

    paying the deposit or monthly fees is not possible, what

    level of financial support would you need to make living

    at Du•má realistic for you? What are your sources

    of income?

    6. Have you read

    the value statements we have prepared on community,

    ecological responsibility, diversity, egalitarianism, and

    personal awareness? Can you support these values while

    living at Du•má? How do you see yourself supporting

    these values?

    7. Do you have

    experience with consensus? If not, do you think you

    understand it well enough to make a commitment to

    participate in decisions using this process?

    8. Briefly describe

    your experiences with interpersonal and group conflict

    resolution. Are you committed to resolving conflicts


    9. Living at

    Du•má requires the following time commitment: 7-8

    hours per week on house chores, 2 to 3 hours per week in

    meeting, a few hours per month for special projects, and

    time for communication with other residents and

    processing interpersonal dynamics. Does your schedule

    allow for you to uphold this commitment?

    10. Is there

    anything else you would like to share with us?


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