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Dancing Rabbit power levels

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Dancing Rabbit power levels

From ICWiki

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage uses the below for designating what authority committees or individuals have for a given issue. A given committee may have different power levels for different types of decisions. You may find it useful to have something like this in your community as well.

There are four basic power levels for committees and individuals at Dancing Rabbit.


Power Level 1

Or “propose”. At this power level the individual or committee can make proposals to the group. Anyone has this level of power at any time.

Power Level 2

Or “review”. Decisions with time for review. At this level a committee could make a decision but it would need to be posted and receive no vetoes or unresolved concerns to become a full decision. In other words, if no one were to object in a given time frame (like 1 or 2 weeks) then the decision would be an official consensus of the group. All committees will be assigned this level by default.

Power Level 3

Or “recall”. Full decision making power with recall possible. At this level a committee could make binding decisions without the waiting period specified in Level 2. If someone objects to the decision, the issue can be brought back up (within a reasonable time frame, 2 weeks is proposed).

Power Level 4

Or “final”. Full decision making power. Committee makes decisions. Decisions are essentially final. (Of course, all decisions can be appealed to the larger group at the desire of any member by asking the Oversight Team to put it on the Business Meeting Agenda).

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