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Creating community where you are/The world community

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Creating community where you are/The world community

From ICWiki

The world community is all the people alive today. Each of us has our own unique ability to relate to this community or not. There are various things that can make us more a part of the world community or less:

Things that can make us more a part of the world community

  • Travel to other parts of the world, especially travel that encourages human interaction rather than just looking at buildings and shopping at bazaars.
  • Hosting travelers from other places.
  • Reading about people in other cultures.
  • Reading articles about current world events that are written from other perspectives than our own or our own country’s.
  • Getting to know people in our area that have come from somewhere else, and discovering their ideas and perspectives.

In general, activities that help us relate to others around the world as people worthy of our consideration help us become better members of the world community.

Things that can make us less a part of the world community, often labeled as “-isms”

  • Nationalism.
  • Racism.
  • Sexism.
  • Tribalism.
  • Religious extremism.

These seem to encourage domination of one group by another, as they demean the dominated group and elevate the dominators.

As the people of the world get more connected with each other, through both commerce and information sharing, we need a stronger world community that functions better and promotes peace and justice. We can each contribute to a stronger world community by spreading more understanding and rejecting the “-isms”.

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