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Creating community where you are/The community of all living things

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Creating community where you are/The community of all living things

From ICWiki

It is both possible and desirable to expand our sense of community beyond the human community to include all living things. Once we do that, we are motivated to consider how our actions impact other creatures large and small. We can find ways of living that leave room for other organisms to live in relatively undisturbed environments. To the extent that we dominate or pollute areas, we reduce their biodiversity and their capacity to support living creatures.

The scientists who study ecology see that the relationships between different species are both too numerous and too complex to understand completely. We depend on many different (often microscopic) organisms for our physical health, our food, our medicine, etc. Both out of compassion for our fellow earth creatures, and for our own self interest, it behooves us to act in ways that minimize our impact on our fellow creatures.

The non-human part of the biosphere can also provide us a better perspective on the importance of our everyday concerns. The wild animals in wild settings, who are neither human pets nor human pests, exist independently of our personal concerns. They can teach us that the earth is not just about us, that existence is not just about the existence of humans. That strengthened sense of humility can help us make better choices about our place in the natural world, and can even help us remember that we are a part of the natural world, and are deeply interdependent with it.

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