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Creating community where you are/Our house community

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Creating community where you are/Our house community

From ICWiki

Our house community can range from one person living alone to a hundred or more people living in a student (or non-student) coop building. A house community typically shares common spaces, often including kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms, etc. The sense of community can clearly range tremendously:

  • Several people sharing an apartment, each with their own carefully guarded space in the refrigerator and bathroom, each with a profound dislike of the roommates, and each wishing they could afford to have their very own apartment;
  • A couple sharing a house or apartment or yurt;
  • A family in its own house or apartment, with its own unique degree of functionality & connection;
  • A small group of people who have created their own non-biological family, eating together, sharing their lives, working together, etc.
  • A large student coop, where people eat together, party together, hang out together, work together, with each member participating both at their own level of comfort, and also hopefully meeting the group’s expectations for participation.

If your house community is more than just yourself, you almost certainly have an opportunity to strengthen this particular community. Find aspects of your living together where you would be willing to share more, and suggest small changes in that direction. Ask your house mates what they have been wishing for. For further ideas, check out the list on the main page that gives ways to build community in a group.

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