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Creating community where you are/Community over time

From ICWiki

To be good communitarians of the earth, we need to expand our sense of community again, to include the creatures that have come before us and will come after us. In the human community, we can feel thankful that all sorts of things (science, technology, literature, arts, culture, language, physical infrastructure, etc.) have been developed and are available to us. We didn’t personally create all this, but we benefit from it (or at least some (we hope) major part of it!) Previous generations have created all kinds of things that have lasted beyond their lifespans. We can continue this process as we are able.

Similarly, previous generations have left alone or preserved wild places, old ways of doing things, and other “relics” of the past that are of interest and benefit to our generation. We can do the same for future generations.

Future generations, tho not yet born, are depending on us to consider their well-being, and to act to maintain or improve it. They are not here at this moment to lobby for, defend, or create the things they will need to have a decent life. It’s up to us to help them.