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Creating community where you are/Communities of interest

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Creating community where you are/Communities of interest

From ICWiki

People can come together because of almost any common interest, whether it is collecting (beer cans, tools, dishware,…) or making (quilts, furniture, books,…) or reading or talking or whatever. As long as there is something that several people find interesting, the conversation and sharing start. These communities of interest are now spread from the very local, where a group gets together in the same place to do something, to the global, where folks communicate via the internet. Often as these communities develop over time, the sense of community deepens, and people are able to support each other in times of need independent of the original shared interest.

Some of the internet groups provide support for folks whose situations are so specific and unusual that the internet is their major way of finding people in similar situations. Other times the internet groups seem to be used to keep folks at enough of a distance that there is no real risk in participating.

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