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Creating community where you are/Adopting consensus

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Creating community where you are/Adopting consensus

From ICWiki

Some groups may be ready to give consensus or another non-voting decision-making process a try. Other groups are not ready to believe that it is possible to get everybody to agree. Of course, a voting group could decide by a 51% vote to adopt consensus, but it would probably not work out very well. To work well, consensus relies on a good faith effort of all in the group to participate honestly in the process.

If your group decides to adopt consensus, you will do better with it if the group and your facilitators get training in consensus and facilitation. Understanding how to create an agenda, how to delegate work to committees (and how to staff the committees), what good meeting behavior is (and how to encourage it), what to record in the minutes, etc., are all critical to efficient use of meeting time. Although consensus is not a perfect process (because it has people in it!), many of the complaints about it could be lessened with better group understanding, better use of committees, and better facilitation.