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Contagious Tales/SHINEPrinciples

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Contagious Tales/SHINEPrinciples

From ICWiki

The SHINE Principles for Festival Design were developed by Paxus Calta and Kate Adamson. They are:

SHARE: More than a rule from kindergarten, sharing is the core of community. Sharing is rooted in believing that we’re all in this together, and that we’re greater as a whole than we are as separate individuals. In the new festivals, we share in a non-monetary economy, gifting and bartering our talents and abundance.

HELP: The new festivals are based on a volunteer culture in which participants contribute more than money at the gate. Instead of putting on a show for others to watch, we’re creating opportunities for everyone to contribute in a celebration of interdependence.

INSPIRE: Festivals give us the opportunity to turn powerful ideas into action. We have resources, we have time, and we have allies. At these festivals, we will harness our imagination and innovation to create: art, wind power, personal connections, and new culture. Inspiration gets us out of our chairs and into the shop, into the streets, and onto the dance floor.

NURTURE: We are creating an environment where extraordinary things can happen. The ideal is to push limits while respecting boundaries. Doing that, we create a safe space for people to disarm defenses and open themselves to new experiences. We honor each other, allowing ourselves to teach and be taught, to empower and be empowered.

EVOLVE: Gandhi instructed us to be the change we want to see in the world. These new festivals are a place to experience and demonstrate the way we want to be living with each other and in our environment. We embrace the need for change by confronting our fears and moving beyond them. We make a critical review of what is, and direct positive action to build what can be.

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