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Contagious Tales/OSSPrincpals

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Contagious Tales/OSSPrincpals

From ICWiki

Open Secret Society Sign-On Principals

The following principals and behavior guidelines are designed to foster cooperation and mutual aid between members of the Iguana Open Secret Society. These guidelines are also designed to avoid members being taken advantage of:

1) When in public and available to aid a fellow member i will wear a small eagle pin.

2) If i see someone wearing this identifying pin, i will ask our agreed protocol question and listen for the confirming answer. [Currently, this is “Are you a patriot?” and “i love my country, but i am not from around here”]

3) If i receive the appropriate answer i will enter into a good faith conversation about what it is i need or desire in the world and what it is that my fellow member needs or desires.

4) As part of this conversation i will share information, advice and analysis which might be useful to my fellow member and listen actively and thoughtfully as they offer the same to me.

5) If it makes sense to continue to work together on our needs and desires, we can set up further meetings and discussions.

6) gifts, especially of hospitality,are welcome but not required between members.

7) i will try to avoid any type of financial interaction with other members.

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