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From ICWiki

Conceivia is both a new type of community and a world wide network of communities. The Conceivia Network invites shared income communities to collaborate for the good of all. The basic idea being to create a network of self reliance, thus breaking dependence on Capitalism.

Conceivia is a new form of shared income community, with an advanced individual decision making system, which puts the power in the hands of the individual. This is not the same as voting or Democracy, where the power is in the group. Conceivia allows each individual to make decisions, as much as possible without voting. This combines the freedom of Capitalism, with the high efficiency of shared income, to create what theoretically could be the next evolutionary step for humanity.

The initial plan is to start worker controlled companies, because a shared income community is a worker controlled company with land. Through the processes of merger and purchase, several such companies have already been acquired. Once income sources are established, land can then be purchased and buildings built.

For more info, see the Conceivia website

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