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Community LANs

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Community LANs

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Many communities have computer networks which allow computer-using members to share digital resources. It can be extremely cost effective for many users to share the same high speed internet access point. There is usually some up-front costs to run fiber or wire for a network. Increasingly, communities are setting up wireless, WIFI networks. This text is being entered on a laptop that has both a wired and wireless connection to our community’s LAN. In some communities, the per-user cost of high speed access is just a dollar or so per month. In contrast, high speed access is sold to many single-family homes for $20-$60/month. Some single-family internet services specifically prohibit use of the internet services for multiple dwellings, so if you want to adhere to the contact, you may wish to shop around for ISPs that do not prohibit such sharing.

One method of paying the upfront costs to establish a LAN is for one member to front the costs and those using the LAN pay a monthly fee which is higher than the service cost until the member is reimbursed. This is a particularly easy model for people moving into a community, as they are accustomed to paying much higher rates for the same level of service.

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