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Communities Directory 2000

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This is the Fourth Edition of the Communities Directory which was produced in 2000. It is the essential reference tool for those interested in finding or creating community.

Whether used as a reference, educational resource, or a road map for a personal quest, the Communities Directory is an indispensable resource. It includes:

Descriptions from over 1000 intentional communities in North America and around the world. Entries offer contact information, core values, availability for visits, and a glimpse of the vision that holds them together.
Locations of North American communities are displayed on a set of regional maps, great for trip planning and proximity to cities and other communities.
A fast and easy reference. Searching for a large, urban ecovillage? A community with lots of children? Just use the handy chart to quickly find the community that meets your needs.
Covers the basics of intentional community including what they are, how to visit, and the state of the communities movement.

Here are all 33 articles from the 2000 edition of the Communities Directory, about various aspects of community living, grouped in four major subject areas.

1. Intentional Community: What is it All About?

2. The Many Flavors of Community?

3. Starting From Scratch (but Not Without Help)

4. Livingit: Meeting the Needs of Your Members and Your Community