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Communities directories

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Communities directories

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Communities Directory

The Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC)[1] publishes an online and print edition of the Communities Directory, The online Communities Directory allows communities to add or update their listings via a web interface. This information is also used as source for the print editions which are published every 2 years or so.

Cohousing Directory (US)

Coho/US [2] publishes an online directory of Cohousing communities in the United States at This directory is based on the same data as the FIC’s Communities Directory but lists only cohousing communities. Currently, in addition to self-identification, some judgment is exercised by the Cohousing Directory manager on whether any particular community is included – the manager(s) attempt to avoid listings communities which are not cohousing.

If you would like your community listed in the Cohousing Directory and your community:

  1. meets the Six defining characteristics of cohousing as described by Coho/US.
  2. self-identifies as a cohousing community
  3. is listed in the FIC Directory, but not in the Cohousing Directory

The please go to the Add a Community page and ask the manager to review and approve your listing for inclusion in the list. (Processing may take several days.)

Coho/US does not publish a print edition of the Cohousing Directory, but most cohousing communities will appear in the print editions of the Communities Directory.

New community in Idaho invites 8-10 good people/families

Diggers and Dreamers

The definitive directory of intentional communities in the United Kingdom.

Diggers & Dreamers, c/o Edge of Time Ltd
BCM Edge, London, WC1N 3XX, UK


Directory of European intentional communities available in German, English and Spanish.

Oekodorf Sieben Linden, 38486 Bandau, Germany +49-(0)39000-90621

Christian Communities

Jesus Army Listing of Intentional Christian communities on the web. Each community has a link and brief tagline.

Student Co-ops

Catholic Worker

Vegetarian and Vegan Communities

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