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Cohousing activists

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Cohousing activists

From ICWiki

Some people who get involved in cohousing get so charged up by its potential that they become activists… This is often after having helped to found a cohousing community – or two. They may or may not become involved as professionals (doing Cohousing work for money), but they are highly visible in Cohousing circles.

If you do get involved in the movement, you will see these folks again and again on Cohousing-L, involved as Board members or as volunteers with Coho/US, at Cohousing Conferences, on tours, etc. Some activists become Cohousing consultants of various types. As the IC Wiki is discovered, these folks will likely add new names and flesh out the too-brief notes by linking to their User Pages.

Note: this page is not intended to include the many professionals who are primarily known as Cohousing consultants, including Cohousing architects, Cohousing developers, or Process consultants – many of them are activists as well. People are listed here if they became known first for their activism as volunteer.

Some Cohousing Activists

  • Neshama Abraham – Boulder, Colorado specialist in community marketing and PR, served on the Coho/US board 2005-2006.
  • Joani Blank – long-time Coho/US board member, left board in 2005. Launched the Bay Area and national cohousing bus tours program and has written for and helped edit Cohousing magazine, routes Coho/US phone messages. A strong voice for mainstreaming cohousing, disasociating it from the intentional communities movement.
  • Carol Braford – current Coho/US board member, co-developing a community in St. Louis
  • Raines Cohen – two-term Coho/US board member through late 2006, currently on the FIC board, also a Cohousing consultant and East Bay Cohousing / Cohousing California regional organizer; was Coho/US webteam member and co-organized 2001 national cohousing conference in Berkeley, CA.
  • Karen Hester – regional organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area, also a Cohousing consultant
  • Fred Lanphear – Northwest Intentional Communities Association (NICA) regional organizer and FIC boardmember.
  • Joelyn Malone – Minneapolis area organizer, partner in company established to facilitate formation of cohousing groups and work with developers interested in offering cohousing. Our model is to find developers with sites already planned but not built, to convert them to cohousing.[]
  • Hal Mead – Chicago Cohousing Network organizer
  • Fred Olson – best known for managing Cohousing-L; also a regional organizer around Minneapolis.
  • Zev Paiss – long-time Coho/US board member and co-founder, partner in Support Financial, Elder Cohousing specialist
  • Craig RaglandCoho/US board member and regional organizer, lives at Songaia near Seattle
  • Rob Sandelin – many hats, large online contributor via NICA, Cohousing-L, etc.
  • Stella Tarnay – Cohousing magazine (print) editor in late 1990’s, Boston Cohousing Network organizer
  • Ann Zabaldo – Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC) founder; long-time Coho/US board member, left board in ??, also a Cohousing consultant with Eco housing and Cohousing Collaborative.

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