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Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)

Coho/US is a non-profit association with the following mission:

  • Promote the Cohousing movement
  • Support individuals and groups in creating communities
  • Provide assistance to completed groups for improving their systems for living together in community
  • Create networking opportunities for those involved or interested in cohousing Website

Coho/US is one of few Community networks with a professional staff that maintains and creates its website (see History). It features many different sections both for people interested in Finding cohousing homes (to buy or rent) and those who would like to form a cohousing community (also see Starting a community).

Cohousing Magazine

Coho/US also publishes Cohousing Magazine – a free, monthly electronic newsletter for, of and about cohousing. It is always available online, but if you complete this free sign up you’ll always be kept up to date AND the Coho/US organization will be able to help connect with you for other good reasons, e.g. a new cohousing project starting in your area, local workshops, etc.


One of the more active public dialogs about cohousing can be found on the Cohousing-L listserv.

Collaboration with other Community Networks

Coho/US has many projects in pursuit of its mission, including some in collaboration with the FIC (Foundation for Intentional Community) on the Cohousing Directory and to help enhance some of the Community Events, e.g. the FIC produced both the Fundraising Auction and Book Store at the 2006 National Cohousing Conference, produced by Coho/US.

Coho/US has also co-sponsored events with the NICA, Mid-Atlantic Cohousing, and other regional Community Networks.

Financial Support

In addition to direct support from forming and built Cohousing communities, Coho/US is fortunate to have donors from the cohousing world, including Cohousing consultants, Cohousing developers, Cohousing architects, and Cohousing activists.

External Links

Coho/US Website – includes online magazine, directory of existing and forming cohousing communities, classified ads, cohousing events including tours, and lots more.

“The” 6 Defining Characteristics of Cohousing – the list of attributes which Coho/US uses to differentiate between cohousing communities and other forms of shared, community living.

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