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Building community where you are

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Building community where you are

From ICWiki

In addition to the create-something-new intentional communities movement that was historically FIC’s focus, there are a number of existing and new movements and organizational energy around techniques to help people organize their existing neighborhoods to make them more communitarian. Many people say they prefer to stay in their homes and maintain their ties to neighbors, schools, and workplaces rather than uproot to try something new. The wisdom and experience we have gained in group process, conflict resolution, and sustainable living can help people create and enhance community wherever they live, making any neighborhood into a “virtual ecovillage” or simply be better connected.

Some communitarians practice community organizing in their neighborhoods while they are saving up for or building their “dream community” elsewhere; others have been known to move to an existing neighborhood specifically in order to foster community there.

Community-in-Place Movements

  • Disaster preparedness, often organized by government institutions to build capacity
  • Neighborhood watch and crime prevention councils
  • Aging in community initiatives such as Beacon Hill Village
  • Retrofit cohousing – taking down fences
  • “Neighborhood Night Out” – block parties
  • City Repair initiatives
  • Relocalization and Permaculture organizations
  • Community Weaving

The Slow Food, Peak Oil, Community Weaving, and other initiatives follow similar approaches.

Useful Books

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