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Yup, Bobby Shaw born last millennium like my handle says. Here is a somewhat random synopsis of some of my community touring. My aim is to try out the new IC wiki, list some of the places I’ve spent time, and describe the path that lead me thru them. That photo was taken on 12/12/07 in the room previously occupied by [Kai] upstairs at [Woodfolk House]. Check out the stucco walls! I spent the prior Spring and Summer at [Little Flower] which I discovered initially while [LEXing] at a couple of other Louisa County ICs in 2004. That May I had a second interview with MSFT and resolved that if I didn’t get an offer I would do a [viz period] at [Eastwind], and take a break from Babble On. That Summer the reporters from [National Geographic] came, and I managed to avoid the lens. That Fall we went to [Sorghum Harvest] during which time I also got to see [DR] on a Wednesday which meant the evening was homemade wine and potluck dinners. Soon after returning from cane fields and vast far north we danced our butts off in the shell of the new shower house for Hippie Halloween. As for the year’s remaining holidays, that’s where the LEX trip comes in. I spent Thanksgiving at [Acorn], Christmas at [TO]. They threw the best New Year’s Eve party I’d ever seen. I returned to EW to resume my provisional membership only to find out a couple of backstabbers where trying to get me thrown out while I was gone! My name was eventually cleared but I left anyway. I was disillusioned by secular communities, so I set off to spend a month at [Green Gulch]. Before a possible monastic experience I went to visit a friend at [Bowdin]. Prior to jumping on a cross country flight for San Francisco we got to spend a few days at [Sirius] where the snow seemed awful deep to this southern boy. Coming from an old school commune I should have known the Zen Monastery scene wouldn’t be a perfect fit either. Nonetheless, I crossed the Golden Gate for perhaps the last time with much greater peace of mind, and the rest is water under the bridge, or perhaps bridges over troubled water.

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