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Austrotopia is the Austrian Network for Living in Community.
It has over a dozen associated projects listed on its project page (July 2010), Projekte, they include both urban and rural projects, co-housing projects, women’s housing projects, and eco-villages. It is a member of GEN Europe.



· Strengthening the movement to more sustainable lifestyles by creating a network of people wanting to live in community

· Exchanging experiences between projects

· Making existing projects more well-known

· Distributing information and visions of living-in-community-projects


We meet relatively seldom, live relatively far away from each other, have all a lot to do in our lives. The effect is that sometimes we are not extremely professional, sometimes there is not enough energy to fulfil our goals – but we like meeting each other because we like each other and we are relatively satisfied with what has been achieved in the last 2 years.


Austria has a small number of well-established alternative communities which, have not been very interested in networking with each other. However, there are many people wanting to live in community and half a dozen new initiatives which have started in the last years and are well in contact with each other.

Since 1999 there were yearly meetings of “people wanting to live in community” and projects which presented themselves at these meetings – these meetings were organized by always changing individuals. In 2004 the key actors decided to create the network “Austrotopia”, a homepage and a newsletter. The focus since then was to get in touch with and integrate old existing communities.

In 2006 we formalized our organizational structure, understanding that we are a team of individuals (who do the work) and associated projects (no obligation comes with that).


Austrotopia homepage

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