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Aam Terra Nuova

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Aam Terra Nuova

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aam Terra Nuova:

aam Terra Nuova is a monthly Italian language magazine. Its main themes are agriculture, nutrition, medicine and communal living. Started in 1977, the magazine was, from the start, connected to the eco-pacifist, organic farming and community movements of the era. In addition to the magazine, aam Terra Nuova is an important publisher of books dealing with subjects such as health, ecology, permaculture and community life, including Matthieu Lietaert’s book on cohousing (“Cohousing e condomini solidali“) and the directory of Italian communities, “Comuni Comunita` Ecovillaggi“.

On the aam Terra Nuova homepage, there are online directories of Italian communities (RIVE), green building, organic food shops, ecotourism and alternative health projects.

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aam Terra Nuova (Italian)

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