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A new we (film)

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A new we (film)

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A new we“ is a two hour long documentary portrait film about ecovillages and ecological communities in Europe.
The Austrian documentary filmmaker Stefan Wolf traveled through Europe in order to explore well established eco-communities and to present a broad spectrum of lifestyle possibilities to many people.

The communities

10 European communities from 8 countries are presented

Sieben Linden Germany

Schloss Tonndorf Germany

Krishna Valley Hungary

Damanhur Italy

Schloss Glarisegg Switzerland

La Borie Noble France

Valle de Sensaciones Spain

Matavenero Spain

Tamera Portugal

Finca Tierra Canary island


The film deals with the following themes:

· How are these communities organized?

· What decision-making processes do they use?

· How they finance themselves?

· What food choices do they make?

· How much of the food and energy that they need do they produce?

· Is spirituality important?

· How do adults and children interact?

· Are there schools?

The FIC is proud to announce that it is the sole North American distributor of the English language DVD of A New We (in the NTSC format), a two-hour video created in 2009 by Austrian Stefan Wolf that profiles 10 different European communities with a core commitment to sustainability.


The Websites

New We Info

Neues Wir Info

The websites include trailers for the film.

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