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Tree Bressen

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Tree Bressen

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Tree Bressen has been involved with the Communities movement in a wide variety of capacities since 1990. She lived at Acorn Community in Virginia from 1994 to 1999, at Du-má Community in Eugene, Oregon 1999-2000, and left there in summer 2000 to help start Walnut St. Co-op in Eugene, where she lived until summer 2007. She presently lives in a 4-person shared household in the neighborhood.

At Walnut St., among other activities, she helped start a Community Revolving Loan Fund in order to finance the household as a cooperative. While at Acorn, Tree served as a delegate to the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC), and then later served as FEC Secretary 2000-2003. From 1997 to 2003 she was on the board of Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC).

Since 1998, Tree has been facilitating professionally and teaching workshops on group skills to intentional communities and other organizations. In 2005-2007, she taught a major series of workshops in Northern California that drew together practitioners from a number of Cohousing and other area communities, for intensive study/practice weekends hosted in a rotating set of communities; the host communities provided food and housing and benefited from the facilitation services she and her students provided. Since 2004, her work has generally been provided on a “gift economy” basis, where she asks her clients and students to discern their own price, rather than paying set fees. Tree also maintains a resource-rich website with a bunch of free articles, handouts and resources on consensus, facilitation, and other process topics.

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