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The Emerald Forest

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The Emerald Forest

From ICWiki

The Emerald Forest will start right here in the Americas and then it may spread throughout the world. We will be made up of all the Ecologically oriented communities around the world.

The idea behind the name is that each of these many new communities that will be springing up, both here in the Americas, and throughout the world, are to be seen as being like separate Trees in a forest, that will each take some time to begin to grow.

As these Trees grow larger, and begin to influence the conditions in their own local climates, they will also be able to connect up more and more, to form a Forest, which can Save the Earth, by changing the local physical climate, and by changing the local social climate. In this way we will be able to save the Earth, one watershed at a time.

One Tree can easily be blown over when it stands alone and, especially, when the environment all around it has been devastated, while a whole stand of Trees can better withstand the winds of change, as they can support each other and hold their ground better.

If one Tree ever does go down, as may happen from time to time, then new things can begin to spring up in that space, and those people who once lived there can then be moved to another community. Water can be shared, since each Tree shades the soil of Trees around it from the scorching heat of the Sun and, in many ways, they can feed each other and, in time, the roots may even connect up begin to grow together into one.

We will be able to show the whole world how to live, by demonstration and example. Others will see what we are doing, and they will go out into the world to start their own communities. In this way the Forest will grow, and the planet will glow.

This growing network of communities that will result, from our actions now, is the work of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest. Like most any other Trees, all these voluntarily collaborating Sustainable Communities are going to become economically self sufficient, and each will be completely autonomous in decision making.

We must all become much more companionable members of a global movement, who are self sufficiently creative people, who can join in with the others without swamping the canoe, and who come in the spirit of cheerful collaboration, and as fully supportive members who can work cooperatively within the larger resource base that is already forming around this emerging vision, and who can work peacefully, and who can serve most generously within the creative flows of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest.

Our very survival is at stake here. This whole Forest could go down. We must now begin to wake up to this new responsibility to carry this life, that may have once landed on this planet, quite by accident, or that may have been planted here on purpose, on into the next phase, and this is our natural birthright, to claim the right to begin to expand our own perspectives, which may go all the way up to Universal Integration.

We must begin to reproduce more babies and the conditions in which we can live beyond just this one small Nursery Planet. We must begin now, with the Emerald Forest, which is made up of many progressively minded sustainable communities that are not needs centric, and who we can count on to help us to create a whole new way of thinking about what life is asking from us, that could start right here in the Americas, and then could spread, by seed scattering, all over the world. We will then all be able to stand in deep solidarity within the circle of our common vision, of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

We need to start getting ready to divert this dead end path of self destruction that we now find ourselves going down, so that we can begin to make a whole new series of major changes in the many directions we are already heading off in, and so we can begin to move towards the beginning of a new beginning, regardless of the fact that many others will continue on down the same dead end path of overconsumption and the beginning of the end of all life on Earth, which will soon follow, will be upon us if we do not make other plans.

That is why we must disengage from the old to start a new.

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– T McClure

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