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The Circle Way

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The Circle Way

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The Circle Way“ is a short book by Manitonquat (Medicine Story), published by
Story Stone Publishing. It is a manual of how to start and enhance circles of any kind. Talking circles are particularly highlighted.


The Circle Way

“The Circle Way is based on several principles, each having much real-world experience and often deeply rooted in ancestral tribal ways:

Spiritual rootedness (including reconnecting to Nature-as-Divinity, and mutually acknowledging and respecting the various religions that various inhabitants follow)

Social cohesion (including each inhabitant being part of an egalitarian clan, plus regularly held all-village gatherings)

Economic sustainability (including land trusts and being as self-sufficient as possible)

Political sustainability (including authentic consensus decision-making process—leading to high quality self-government—and continual self-education)

Simply taking joy and having fun in life!“


From „The Circle-Way Society – Powerful Medicine for Dark Times – A Social Prescription from Manitonquat (“Medicine Story”) „ by William Hofford.

Changing the World

The book “Changing the World: A Vision of a Circle Way Village” by Manitonquat is available for reading directly online at the Circle Way website. See: The Circle Way Vision. It describes how a future Circle Way village could actually work and details the areas of governance, economics, spirituality, education, criminal justice, and the arts, among others.

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Circle Way Homepage

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