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Regional Networking Committee

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Regional Networking Committee

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FIC Regional Networking Committee meets at LA Ecovillage

The FIC Regional Networking Committee was created by the FIC board in Fall, 2005 to help foster organizational connections between the FIC and both Community connectors and Regional Community networks. Community connectors are the people on the ground who are fostering connections between communities.

This members of this committee have been using a wiki to facilitate communications for some time. We migrated this content to this, the IC Wiki in July, 2007. We hope it continues to be of value as we communicate amongst ourselves and with others interested in intentional community networking. As we build connections, we will continue to develop standards and procedures for formal FIC designation of Local/Regional coordinators, who have specific spelled-out duties of bidirectional communication and a clear understanding of how to represent FIC.

Key RNC Wiki Articles (add/change as appropriate):

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