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Radical Therapy in German speaking lands

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Radical Therapy in German speaking lands

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RT groups in German speaking lands

RT groups are self organized, basing their sessions on a number of structural elements which can be combined, modified or emphasised. The different forms of RT in german speaking lands, men’s groups, women’s groups and mixed groups, have their origins in the Netherlands in the 1970s, where women organised radical therapy (FORT) out of transactional analysis basics, co-counselling and feminism.

Radical Psychiatry groups with similar ideas were also forming in the USA.

A men’s form was developed (MRT) and mixed groups have also come into being. New elements, such as non-violent communication are also being integrated by some groups into the form of the sessions.

The structural elements

Radical Therapy is both structured and flexible.
It always has two circles at the start. A quick one to say how we feel, both physically and psychologically. A longer one with time for each person to reflect on what was good and new in the time since the last session.

Each session can involve games and exercises and songs, together with talking circles with or without talking sticks, re evaluation counseling, set circles to express anger or pleasure or doubts or sadness. Other possible elements are hugging circles and massages, dream journeys, meditation indoors and movement in the open air.

The last circle is one to express praise, recognition, compliments and love.

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