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John Hoff

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John Hoff

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Introducing Dr. John Lawrence Hoff
Co-founder of the Goodenough Community

John is a professional educator and counselor. He is a social activist for whom creating community as an environment for growing “good people” has been his passion and life’s work. John received his doctorate in theology and pastoral care from the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA. He was ordained in the United Church of Christ (1961) and trained by the National Training Laboratories (NTL Institute). His livelihood has been earned through teaching, training, and the pastoral care of individuals and organizations. He teaches compassion and the value of relationship through his own life and faith. Since 1981, John has been a leader in the Goodenough Community System. Since 1987, John has served as pastor, teacher, and counselor through Convocation: A Church and Ministry.

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