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Egalitarian communities

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Egalitarian communities

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Egalitarian Communities are those communities that explicitly adopt a list of agreements that promote the equality of their members.



One group of such communities that is very active in the US communities movement is the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC)[1]. Each member community agrees to four principal values: egalitarianism, income sharing, cooperation, and non-violence. Each member has equal access to the decision-making process, and to the resources of the community. FEC communities range in size from family size groups to village size, with their decision-making and resource-allocation systems generally becoming more structured and complex as their size increases. Because of the large overlap of shared values, the FEC communities have been able to create and maintain a variety of inter-community connections and projects, including a work exchange program, joint businesses, and a major medical insurance fund.

The FEC Member communities are just a small fraction of the communities which indicate they have 100% income sharing (see Directory Search links, below). Income sharing alone, is not sufficient to qualify to join the FEC, as the FEC asks for agreement with a broader range of values.


A further group of egalitarian communities is the german Kommuja network. This network has over 25 member communities across Germany.

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