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Siedlung Donnershag was one of the many german völkische settlements after WWI. It existed in Sontra, Hessen, from 1919 to 1924. The community had a reactionary, antisemitic world view. They were convinced opponents of the revolutions of the period.



The aim of the founders of Donnershag (Ernst and Margart Hunkel) was to have a closed völkisch community based on membership of the aryan race and on german land rights and community rights. They wanted the rebirth of the german folk in body and soul, through a healthy life style, through conscious racial eugenics, and through the care of german goods and values. They wanted the renewal of german blood and german soil. For the few years of its existence it was a centre of völkisch and antisemitic activity. They had close links to Eden.

Structure and activities:

The settlement was a “Vollgenossenschaft”, a combined consumer and producer co-operative, with structures similar to those at Eden. They were on land which the state had helped them to purchase. At their peak, there were 350 members. They had agriculture, fruit tree cultivation and childcare as their main activities, together with publicity and propaganda activities.

Publications from Donnershag:

The official organ of the “Deutschen Orden”, “Neues Leben. Monatsschrift für deutsche Wiedergeburt” (New Life. Monthly periodical for german rebirth) was published out of Donnershag, as was the periodical “Deutsche Freiwirtschaft. Monatsschrift zur Überwindung der kapitalistischen und sozialistischen Wirtschaftsordnung durch Freiland und Freigeld” (German Free-economy. Monthly for overcoming the capitalist and socialist economic order through free-land and free-money).


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