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Craig Ragland

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Craig Ragland

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(initial text on this page adapted from User:Craigragland as of 9 July 2007)

Craig strikes a pose...

Craig has been an active member of Songaia Cohousing Community since 1992. In the early 2000’s, he retired from Microsoft as a Group Research manager (focused on MSN) after years as a software consultant and co-creator of various start-up companies. Before that, he studied evolutionary approaches to understanding animal behavior. He’s now about 50 years old, in a long-term marriage, and has an adult son who grew up in community. He writes “I am excited about my future as an elder wanna-be, I get to help co-create our lives in community! I’m now fortunate to be able to focus much of my energy on community-building and Songaia’s active life</i>.”

On a national level, he serves on the Coho/US Board, for which he hired its professional online staff. He has also worked on some FIC projects, including the Fall, 2006 FIC Art of Community NW event and this IC Wiki… some of his web weaving energy lives in its content and structure (and major contributions and outreach and strategies).

Craig & Nancy reach out to newcomers at NICA gathering

He is also active with NICA – as its webmaster, he is working with User:Tony on a new database-driven website to replace the regional group’s web 1.0 HTML site.

What Craig says he most values about Community networks, like NICA, Coho/US, etc. is “the chance to get together with other passionates who live in community… especially when we relax from “our business” of making good things happen. I love enjoying the spirit, the humor, and the joy of community that comes from people from different communities. That being said, I am a need achiever and simply must co-create.”

Aerial of Songaia and some neighboring properties

Craig has lived at Songaia since 1992 and is actively involved in the community. He sees his most important roles (see Passion principle) are opening new doors to explore what might be next… and leading ritual and song. In 2006, this playful work included Songaia’s hosting of both the FIC and Coho/US board meetings. In 2007, I helped five Songaia families come together to buy, renovate, and rent a neighbor’s home on a half acre property. This adjoining property now hosts a shared household of three “fine folk” who are becoming Affiliate Members of his community – that’s right, low-cost living in cohousing (rooms rent for $375-600).

Some "Songaia Suitors" view early site plans created by an architect member.

He is currently instigating the formation of a new cohousing group with the intent of purchasing and adding new dwellings on property adjoining Songaia. This effort is variously known as Songaia North and Songaia Phase 2. The group is now calling itself Songaia Suitors while they define their relationship with Songaia – a new name will be selected as they self-identify who they are.

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