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Community networks

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Community networks

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Community networks category

Community networks has multiple meanings. More technical folks may immediately think of LANs (Local Area Networks), allowing multiple people to share digital information. For information on that see Community LANs.

This article and the associated category deals with organizational Community Networks – groups which focus on multiple intentional communities. Another type of community organization are those focused on Community studies. The Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) is believed to be the broadest community network in the United States, as it addresses all forms of intentional communities in all geographies. Other community networks focus on a particular type of communities, such as Student Coops or Cohousing.


International Community Networks

  • Eurotopia [5] – Website and book listing communities throughout Europe. German, English, Spanish language.
  • Camphill communities [6] – Network of communities for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Catholic Worker communities [7] – Catholic Worker communities are committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and foresaken.
  • International Communes Desk [8] – Started in 1957, The International Communes Desk is a contact body between the communes of the world – where the term ‘commune’ covers the wide spectrum of intentional communities, kibbutzim and other types of communal living.

National Community Networks

United States




United Kingdom


  • Omslag [21] – Dutch Information service on Different Ways of Housing and Living
  • Ecodorp [22] – Eco-Villages of the Netherlands




Regional/Local Community Networks

Other Community Networks focus on community within regional or local geographic areas. Some of these operate in relationship with National Networks and others are completely independent.

NOTE: Please create a new page for any of the networks linked to above (or add new networks with websites) – if you do create a new page, please add more value than just repeating information available on the network’s web page. If you do create a new Community Network page, don’t forget to assign it to the Community networks category, by entering “[[Category:Community networks]]” to the bottom of the page.

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