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This summarizes the history of the website, documenting various phases of its history based on the memory of a few who were there. Please add additional information as you see fit.

  • Version 1: original web presence and static list of communities; later community list management merged with The domain was registered in 1996 to give the cohousing-L mailing list a permanent email address. Stuart found a way to remap the web pages to The domain has been shared by the web pages (maintained by Coho/US when it came along in 1997) and Cohousing-L ever since.
    • Who: Stuart Staniford with involvement from Mike Mariner, Fred H Olson, Michael McIntyre
    • When: 1994-97
  • Version 2: first hired webmaster,
    • Who: Bill Germino as webmaster with Michael McIntyre continuing as community list manager
    • When: 1998
  • Version 3: Revised Look, new hired webmaster
    • Who: Susan LaBarre
    • When: 1999
  • Version 4: Revised Look, new hired webmaster
    • Who: Jenise Aminoff
    • When: 1999-2000
  • Version 5: New Information Architecture, graphic design changes, new hired web team
    • Who: Michael McIntyre, Jillian Downey, Elph Morgan (web team) working for Executive Director Zev Paiss followed by Roy O’Shaughnessy
    • When: 2000-?
  • Version 6: New logo, technology (PHP conversion), Executive Director position eliminated, Comm Team takes on oversight of web site
    • Who: Michael McIntyre, Chris Hamilton, Erika Banks
    • When: ?-2005
  • Version 7: Revised Look, ASP-based content management platform with database
    • Who: Neil Planchon, Evangeline Welch, Joanne Smith
    • When: 2006-2007
  • Version 8: Drupal migration – minimal change in functionality, port version 7 to Drupal CMS with CiviCRM
    • When: 2008-

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