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Bagnaia – Core Principles

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Bagnaia – Core Principles

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The Core Principles of the Bagnaia commune:

Founded in 1979, the commune of Bagnaia, near Siena, Italy, has the published the following core principles (in Italian) on the homepage of the Italian ecovillage network, RIVE (Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici) [1].

Information in English can be found at GEN – Europe [2].

Inspirational Principles:

Regarding their own life and activities, the members of the commune of Bagnaia are inspired by the following principles and orientation.

  • 1). All of the resources of the commune of Bagnaia are at the disposal of the members. Upon being admitted as a member, each can give all of her or his goods to the commune, while having the right to use all of the services provided.
  • 2). In every moment of its life, the commune refuses every form of authoritarianism, while looking for the constant participation of the members. The assembly is thus the only deliberative organ.
  • 3). The commune of Bagnaia tries to attain an effective parity between men and women in the domestic and workplace duties and responsibilities.
  • 4). Recognising that our epoch is evermore identifiable as the epoch of consumerism and the irrational use of resources, the commune of Bagnaia organises itself following a line of development antagonistic to this tendency, affirming that,
a). collective organisation permits a better and more rational use of resources,  
b). the forms of agriculture to be practised will be those which can be integrated into the
    environment in the best possible way,
c). the agricultural activity will be diversified towards more and more self-sufficiency,  
d). the acquisition of what are regarded as superfluous and luxury goods will be avoided.
  • 5). The real value of agriculture as the primary human activity will be restituted. The commune of Bagnaia affirms its duty to care for it, sustain it and develop it.
  • 6). The right of every member to chose her or his working activity in which she or he feels most satisfied is recognised, in so far as it is compatible with the general economic needs.
  • 7). Every member must be a responsible participant in the domestic life, contributing to the services and productive activity of the group and giving according to her or his energy and capacity.
  • 8). Communal life is also seen as being an attempt to find new forms of relationship which go beyond the nuclear family. This regards the emotional relations, the economic ones and the responsibilities on the part of all the members regarding the children. In particular, every member should declare her or his willingness towards ever better participation in the growth and education of the children.
  • 9). The commune of Bagnaia is open to an unlimited number of members; in addition, the commune is open to all possibilities for meeting and exchange, and is therefore open for various forms of hospitality, some of which may end in guests requesting to become full members.
  • 10). Relationships between the people are intended to be based on repect, tolerance, solidarity, affection, friendship, trust and sincerity.
  • 11). All of the members are requested to take part in the different moments of the daily life of the commune, but forms of partial communal participation are accepted.

Translator’s Notes:

1. The commune of Bagnaia has a completely communal economy with common ownership of buildings, land and machines. All members receive a monthly standard communal wage of 150 Euros.

4. + 5. The commune of Bagnaia is a member of the Italian Association for Organic Farming (AIAB – Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica) and of WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms / World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

9. At present there is no space for new members, but there is a project to expand the living space.

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