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Allen Butcher

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Allen Butcher

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Allen is a prolific writer about intentional communities. He may be best known for his in-depth analyses, which have included some interesting visualizations for understanding Intentional Communities on several different dimensions.

He has written a series of resource booklets for understanding and developing intentional community – many of which can now be found in different formats at his website,

In the early ’80s, Allen was a board member of the New Destiny Food Cooperative Federation and New Life Farm. He was also a board member of the Foundation for Intentional Community during the period of expansion from regional to continental organizing. He served as Treasurer of the School of Living Community Land Trust. Allen lived at East Wind and Twin Oaks communities for 12 years, becoming a student of comparative economic systems in intentional communities. Allen was treasurer for the Cohousing Association of the Rocky Mountains during its expansion from a regional to a national association, now called Coho/US.

Allen now lives in Denver, Colorado.

External Links

Culture Magic – Much of Allen’s work is available here.

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