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Wholesale Purchases for your Library, Bookstore, or Resource Center

We offer wholesale prices for our featured products from Communities Bookstore! We want to share the abundant resources on seeking and living in intentional communities, adopting cooperative culture, and creating community resilience.

Wholesale purchases are ideal for libraries, community resource centers, or your retail store. Be sure to read the guidelines before getting started.

  • Wholesale prices are 40% off the suggested retail price. Discounts for wholesale subscriptions to Communities Magazine are calculated differently.
  • All orders must be a minimum of 10 total items of any variety of titles. One (1) subscription to Communities Magazine is considered a quantity of 1 towards to the total of 10 titles.
  • Domestic shipping is included in your checkout. For non-US wholesale orders, please contact our Bookstore Manager at [email protected]
  • View the selection of products available by scrolling below. Complete the form on this page and enter payment information.
  • You will immediately receive a confirmation of your purchase. You will receive a second confirmation once the order has been processed and shipped.

You’re On Your Way!

Contact our Bookstore Manager, Kim Kanney, anytime with questions at:
[email protected]




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