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We the People. A Guide to Sociocratic Principles and Methods.

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by Erica, Community Bookstore Manager

We The PeopleWe The People
Consenting to a Deeper Democracy: A Guide to Sociocratic Methods and Principles.

2007, by John Buck and Sharon Villines. 284 pp, 6.1″x 9.2″, softcover, ISBN: 9780979282706

Are you looking for a method of organizing people to live and work together more efficiently and harmoniously? Sociocracy could be the answer…

Sociocracy, also known as dynamic governance or dynamic self-governance, is a method of organizing and governing ourselves using the principle of consent to produce more inclusive, sustainable, and productive organizations.

The history of sociocracy draws on a wide range of fields, including cybernetics, systems thinking, and complexity theory, and is designed to mimic the self-organizing and self-correcting systems we see in the natural world.

We The People is an introduction to sociocratic principles and methods, an exploration of the scientific theories on which they are based.

We the People describes a particular variation on the theme of consensus; it is both a method for facilitating consensus and a guide to inclusive and connected organizational structure, and it is based on holding the values of fairness, effectiveness and transparency.

This book details a system that can be used by just one or two people, or an entire neighborhood association. It could be helpful to a religious group, a corporation, or any community of people who want to create more harmonious, more effective, and more productive ways of living and working together.

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