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Watch Visions of Utopia – Now Digital or DVD!

Posted on April 6, 2015 by

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Now in Digital, to Rent or Buy 
by Erica, Community Bookstore Manager

Visions of Utopia VideoVisions Of Utopia Video, Parts One & Two
Experiments In Sustainable Culture
Now in both Digital and DVD Formats

Take a community journey from your favorite couch! This Two-Part Video is an excellent documentary treatment of the current Intentional Communities movement in the United States.

Geoph Kozeny, a veteran community networker, author, and former FIC board member, visited almost 400 communities and came up with this great project: two movies that feature a fascinating brief history of communal living and celebrate the diversity of seventeen intentional communities. Geoph produced and edited Vision of Utopia I, the first part of this amazing document; he guides us through the voices of the protagonists, community members who tell us directly about their community, their
dream, their vision. Though unfortunately Geoph died before he could complete the editing of Vision of Utopia II, the FIC completed that work, with his blessing.

Visions of Utopia – Part 1 (94 min):

  • Ananda Village
  • Breitenbush Hot Springs
  • Camphill Special School
  • Earthaven
  • Nyland Cohousing
  • Purple Rose
  • Twin Oaks

Visions of Utopia – Part 2 (124 min):

  • Catholic Workers House
  • Community Alternatives & Fraser Common Farm
  • The Farm
  • Ganas
  • Goodenough
  • Hearthaven
  • Miccosukee Land Co-op
  • N Street Cohousing
  • Remote Hamlet
  • Sandhill Farm

The FIC is happy to share this product with you and offer special prices on different purchase options:

 One DVD for $25 marked down from $30
Both DVDs for $39 marked down from $60
Digitally download to own one movie for $15
Rent one movie digitally for $5

Check out this product on our website to learn more about the movie. Scroll down the page to view several sample clips!

 Order now!

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