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Urban Communities – Communities magazine Winter #177

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Communities Magazine — Winter 2017
Urban Communities
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Communities magazine winter #177

Winter #177 Communities magazine

Our Winter 2017 issue, Urban Communities, takes readers on a journey from the US East Coast through middle America to the West Coast, then to Canada and overseas. The communities featured span an equally broad range—from communes to cohousing, from outward-focused to more inward-focused, from retrofit to custom-built, from ecovillages, intentional neighborhood projects, and service-oriented groups to broader efforts to expand and strengthen the urban commons. As our stories make clear, and despite popular preconceptions, in many ways no setting is/better/suited to intentional community than an urban one—and, even short of full intentional community, city-dwellers have many, ever-evolving options for creating more connection, mutual support, and sharing in their lives.

Articles Featured Online. The following articles from our current issue have been posted in our blog.

Green and Resilient Neighborhoods

Green and Resilient Neighborhoods: Portland, Oregon and Beyond

Green and Resilient Neighborhoods: Portland, Oregon and Beyond. Columbia Ecovillage, Cully Grove Garden Community, Kailash Ecovillage, River Road Neighborhood, and elsewhere embody diverse, promising approaches to re-greening our lives.

by Jan Spencer

Read more

Making a Case for Urban Cohousing

Making a Case for Urban Cohousing

Making a Case for Urban Cohousing.
Urban cohousing offers a unique alternative that still allows access to the amenities, conveniences, and vibrancy of city Grace H. KimRead more

Community-Building in the City

Community-Building in the City

Community-Building in the City.
In its formative and early stages, Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing in Seattle encounters both challenges and Sheila Hoffman and Spencer BeardRead more

Also in This Issue

Also in This Issue

  • Notes from the Editor–Living for the City by Chris Roth
  • Back to the City! by GPaul Blundell
  • Ganas: Finding Home in an Urban Community by Aviva Derenowski
  • DC Community Evolution and Change: Perspectives from Lutheran Volunteer Corps by Sarah Beck
  • 1605 Commune, Washington DC by Bryan Allen Moore
  • Honoring the Conversation: Turning a Neighborhood into a Community in Intown Atlanta by Stephen Wing
  • Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage: A 13-Year-Old Retrofit Ecovillage in Cincinnati, Ohio by Jim Schenk
  • The Radical Sabbatical: Discerning an Urban-to-Rural Move by Laura Lasuertmer
  • Supported Growth by Amanda Crowell
  • The Dolphin House, Looking Forward by Brittny Love
  • Activating the Urban Commons by Neal Gorenflo
  • Compact Community at Maitreya EcoVillage in Eugene, Oregon by Robert Bolman
  • Terra Firma: A Single Mother Discovers Community by Shoshana Magnet
  • Urban Kibbutzim: A Growing Movement by Anton Marks
  • Dreaming of a Shared City: Akko Educators’ Kibbutz by Gabriel Freund
  • Review–Living Sustainably by Sarah M. Pike
  • Review–Hippie Family Values by Chris Roth

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