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Top 5 Guides to Get You Started

Posted on February 27, 2019 by

Spring is near and, if you’re like me, anticipation & ideas for new projects begin fluttering around our brains waiting for the right moment to leap into action. Sometimes it is simply starting seeds. Other times we want to organize our communities for dialogue, discussion and understanding. But do we know how to get started?

On our Guides & Games category page, we have discussion books, downloadable documents, group tools, and so much more to get any group started on a wide range of topics. Below are the top 5 we recommend to get your spring started right.

Top 5 Guides to Get You Started

The Gaia Education Teacher’s Guide: Design for Sustainability
by Gaia Education

The Teacher’s Guide is a practical manual for sustainability teachers, from universities and classrooms, to ecovillage education courses, or for implementation in your own community. 

In this 333 page manual you will find a comprehensive guide packed with innovative materials, approaches, and tools that have been developed in and tested by sustainable communities and transition settings worldwide.

Topics include: social, ecological, worldview and economic dimensions of sustainability; creating community & embracing diversity; making the shift, plugging leaks in local economy, local currencies, and so much more. 

Available in both printed and digital book. Purchase with book below to receive a discount. Details available at the product page.


The Gaia Education Youth Activities GuideGaia Education Youth Activities Guide
by Gaia Education

The Youth Activities Guide is a manual for teachers and facilitators teaching sustainability that aims to inspire youth to design long lasting
sustainable societies. There is always great transformational potential in the youth, and this guide works to empower youth to become effective agents of change.

The activities and ideas in the guide set out to make learning about sustainability comprehensive, practical, engaging, and fun.

This guide covers: conservation of natural resources, environmental protection; leading lifestyles of social, economic, and environmental sustainability; global Solidarity, and finding courageous and optimistic solutions to problems; and so much more. 

Available in both printed and digital book. Purchase with book above to receive a discount. Details available at the product page.


Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability
Four to Six-Session Coursebook from Northwest Earth Institute

What we eat matters—the food choices we make everyday have an impact on our planet. Hungry for Change helps participants explore the true meaning of the phrase “you are what you eat.” Learn about our roles as both consumers and as creators—of food, of systems, and of the world we live in.

Discuss how food choices have an impact on a range of issues, including ecosystem health, factory and farm worker treatment, and our global economy. Participants create personal action plans and discover how to create a healthy food environment.

Available in both printed or digital book. See details at the product page.


Head, Heart & Hands is a hands-on activity book for groups in cohousing and intentional communities. This spiral-bound book takes a task as large as forming community and breaks it down into digestible pieces that make it safer to step into. Each chapter ends with group activities and opportunities for reflections. One can move and work at one’s own pace.

It is to empower groups to move effectively through the various stages of group development. Covers: stages of group development, ground rules, defining your community values and vision, consensus 101, conflict and blocks, meetings, creating basic standing teams, positions of power, creating participation systems, naming your community, common house planning, pet agreements, rental agreement, and post-move-in trauma issues.

Available in print only at product page.


Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability
Six-Session Coursebook from Northwest Earth Institute

How does one mold such complex principles as peace, justice and sustainability into a coherent story? The difficulty reflects the media’s broader struggle to convey how these themes are mutually linked.

Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability connects the dots between three of society’s most pressing challenges and helps participants find pathways for powerful change in our everyday lives.

Available in both printed and digital book. See details at product page.


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