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#TogetherResilient Winners

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#TogetherResilient Winners
by Carrie Rasmussen, Development Director

Our #TogetherResilient social media raffle throughout the month of November resulted in many touching statements from supporters who shared what being ‘intentional’ and ‘together resilient’ mean to them. Three winners were chosen at random: Tim Frentz, Eleanor Sheila and Maya Norton. Here’s a sampling of responses from the winners and others that posted on social media that we thought you’d enjoy.

Tim and Eleanor

Greenery by Shelia

Tim Frentz said:

“[The] definition of Resilient in short is… able to withstand or recover from difficulty… that said, my experience living in IC’s [intentional community] has shown me over and over again how so many urban commercialized services are unnecessary to civilization when living in a community can simply provide those same services on a barter platform. One of the greatest benefits to the world is the study of zero waste and the role IC plays. Less need to commute, less waste, less desire
for spending resources, less need to produce such resources. In short, it simplifies everything while providing resilience.”
Eleanor Sheila said:

“Community makes us more resilient because the perseverance and support of others mean setbacks are easier to overcome, just like in nature.”

[above photo by Eleanor Sheila]

Mayra and Jodi

People digging by Mayra

Mayra McCullough said:

“Intentional Community makes us resilient as we co-create solutions to our day to day challenges. We keep learning as we go how much lighter issues become when we tackle them together.”

Jodi Farm said:

“There truly is strength and safety in numbers. Intentional communities bring people of varying strengths and areas of expertise together, creating a balance and a bond which allows for better utilization of all members’ respective strengths.”

[above photo by Mayra McCollough]
The winners received a copy of the Communities Directory (7th edition), our latest issue of Communities magazine (#177) featuring urban communities, and the book
Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption
written by FIC board member Ma’ikwe Ludwig, on sale now!

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