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Together Resilient: On Class & Race – Half Off!

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Sale – Half Off
Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption

by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

With all the energy we have buzzing around our current issue of Communities magazine, Class, Race, and Privilege, we wanted to also share what author Yana (Maikwe) Ludwig has to say about the subject in her 2017 book, “Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption

Together Resilient book on sale

Together Reslient

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“Bottom line is that we can’t solve the climate crisis without simultaneously looking deeply at racism, sexism and economic injustice. And that means work: hard work to root racism, sexism and classism out of both our individual consciousnesses and our collective culture and systems.

“Black Lives Matter has done an amazing job of bringing a lot more attention to race issues in the US, and doing it in a way that is unapologetic, clear and invitational for others to join in. Activists like Van Jones have long been drawing attention to the links between race and the environment. We have a long way to go following the lead of people of color, and for us white folks, stepping up to the plate as allies and partners in dismantling a system that we continue to benefit from.

“Classism is a few decades behind on having a very visible movement and a clear articulation of what classism means. Outside of the socialist circles in the US (which have gained some strong acceptance, approval and even enthusiasm among the wider public in the past year; thank you, Mr. Sanders) and income sharing, egalitarian intentional communities, it seems that there has been a lot less work being done to articulate what classism means. As economic justice organizations, many of whom are
members of the New Economy Coalition, gain more public presence, we need to get very articulate about the effects of economic insecurity and classism on all of us, as well as what solutions we can put into place to build that new world.”

Read the full excerpt here.

Curious about Yana’s name change? It is also a discussion of race. Check out this blog.

What’s this Communities buzz you speak of?

Communities magazine spring 2018 #178

Not only are we really proud of the current issue of Communities magazine, which looks unflinchingly at the “elephant in the room”―the relative lack of racial and class diversity in most intentional communities―but we are also experimenting with offering the digital issue complete free (or by donation) in hopes that we can successfully operate from an open source economic model that aligns with our mission statement.

If you support what we’re doing, download the issue! And if you can afford to support us financially, please offer a donation so that this experiment can become permanent.

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