Meeting Disruption with Culture Change

Climate Disruption is hurting all of us, and yet many of us don’t know what to do. From flood and fire in California, to droughts in Syria, Africa and the midwest of the US, to loss of significant acreage in Louisiana, climate change has already disrupted hundreds of thousands of lives.

And this is just the beginning: we need some cultural reorientation, and we need it quickly. That’s where you come in.

Button - make a donationYour one donation supports four great climate disruption projects: two books, a magazine issue and a national speaking tour.

The theme of this campaign is Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption. That’s actually the title of one of the books that this campaign will help us publish professionally. We’ve also created a special edition of our quarterly Communities magazine about climate and community, and are finishing up the writing process for The Cooperative Culture Handbook: our anecdote to the divisive direction the mainstream seems to be headed.

Finally, this campaign also supplies funding for the up front costs of us sending our Board member (and author of the two books) Ma’ikwe Ludwig on her second national speaking tour, bringing these very needed messages and lessons to communities all over the US that are in need of some real hope for our collective future.

Want to know more about us?

The Fellowship for Intentional Community has been pioneering low carbon living solutions for 30 years, in the form of residential intentional communities. In that process, we’ve learned a whole lot about building cooperative culture–how sharing, deep dialogue and cooperation can increase our quality of life and economic security, while decreasing our impact on the planet.

Export: Hope!

This campaign is helping us bring what we’ve learned to as many people as possible who want to live ecologically sound, secure and joyful lives. That’s not a pipe dream, and you can help us get that word out by making a donation.

Right now, we all need hope: not feel-good, look-away-from-what’s-real, psuedo-hope, but practical, grounded, real hope. FIC knows we have it to bring through this initiative, and we need your help for us to be able to get that hope out into the world through these publications and talks.