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To tell you the truth…

Posted on September 19, 2015 by

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Community Bookstore
Sacred Speech
The Way of Truthspeaking
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Sacred SpeechSacred Speech
The Way of Truthspeaking
by Tamarack Song
Digital Edition $10

To tell you the truth, it would be helpful if we all were completely honest with our thoughts and feelings without having to preface with this line. What would that look like and feel like?

In this digital edition of Sacred Speech: The Way of Truthspeaking you will learn “how to hear the truth in lies and how to unmask anger to reveal the feelings that caused it. You will be shown how to see cursing and swearing as the externalizing and judging they actually are. You will find out why gossiping depletes personal power. These skills make it easier for someone to hear what you have to say, not just your words, but the thoughts and feelings behind them.”

Author Tamarack Song is a wilderness guide and award-winning author of books on Native lifeway and traditions, emotional healing, nature, and wilderness survival skills. He is also a teacher and guide at Teaching Drum Outdoor School, a non-profit and intentional community that works together to share wilderness immersion experiences with others as well as model a stewardship to the land and ecology by “Walking in balance with the earth and self.”

Download the digital copy now!

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