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The Winds Of (Climate) Change Are Blowing

Posted on March 18, 2017 by
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The Winds of (Climate) Change are Blowing
Ma’ikwe Ludwig, author of Together Resilient

Before we knew we needed low-carbon living, the Foundation for Intentional Community was pioneering what it could look like, in the form of residential intentional communities. Until recently, the main driver for most communities forming wasn’t climate change, it was wanting a higher quality, more socially connected and secure life. It turns out, however, that what we’ve learned about community has a critical and timely application: responding to the climate crisis.

The world needs what we have to offer, and we are very pleased to have launched our four-part climate disruption response campaign, which includes my new book. We need your help to make that campaign successful!


Together Resilient Campaign

This campaign is helping us bring what we’ve learned to as many people as possible who want to live ecologically sound, secure and joyful lives. We know that’s not a pipe dream, and you can help us get that word out by making a donation in the last few days of this campaign.

Right now, we all need hope: not feel-good, look-away-from-what’s-real, psuedo-hope, but practical, grounded, real hope, grounded in our 30 years of working together to pioneer resilience. FIC knows we have it to bring through this initiative, and we need your help for us to be able to get that hope out into the world through these publications and talks.

We are about halfway to our fundraising goal of $8,000: please join us today and share in the knowledge of how to make low-carbon living real!
Donate to FIC book Together Resilient
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One Reply to “The Winds Of (Climate) Change Are Blowing”


There are so many vital issues having to do with learning to live together, shelter, clothe and feed ourselves, I have to wonder why we let our organizations dedicated to those purposes get into political hot topics that serve only to divide us. This is the third time this week that an organization I’ve joined for a specific purpose – the seeking of community to enjoy a friendship of learning somehow gets turned to some social or political issue with which the County is divided. How would this group feel if I had posted the opposing side of climate change? And there is one about which more than half the population quietly believes. The point is that divisive issues serve to divide – and that can only end one way – half of us who were so attracted as to pay to join – will leave and the other half will continue to reinforce each other’s beliefs with no one to provide effective challenge. Intentional communities may be about any intent, but ALL ARE NOT ABOUT THE SAME INTENT. It’s OK with me for any particular group to pursue it’s intent be it music lovers, nudity, climate change or whatever – but please don’t allow the organizations that bind our common interests to provide a platform for divisive issues. I just HATE it when this happens.

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