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Super Cheap Books! Limited Supply Remains

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Super Cheap Books! Limited Supply Remains

$5-10 Books & DVDs
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore manager


Have you visited our Sales page recently? There are only a few books and DVDs remaining that are priced so low, they are only $5 or $10. Grab them while you can, before it’s too late!

$5 Books

These $5 books are all stories of creating, living in and thriving in intentional community. From the classic commune to the contemporary cohousing, read these stories while you build your own. See all the Community Stories at the category page.

Living the Dream: A Documentary Study of Twin Oaks Community By Ingrid Komar

Living the Dream

Circles of Strength: Community Alternatives to Alienation edited by Helen Forsey

Circles of Strength

The Community of the Ark by Mark Shepard

The Ark

The View from 410: When Cohousing is Home Produced by Outside of the Box Media

View from 410

$10 DVDs

Every documentary we carry feels like a travel to a new land, a journey of epic adventure, or an intimate conversation with your neighbors and friends. They all touch on what makes community so special, despite the uniqueness of each story. You’ll want to watch them all and now every DVD is on sale! Check them all out at the Videos page.

Seeking the Good Life: A Film Exploring Alternative Ways to Live Sustainably Produced by Outside of the Box Media

Seeking Good Life

One Couch At A Time Produced by Alexandra Liss


One Couch

A New We: Ecological Communities in Europe by filmmaker Stefan Wolf

A New We

Visions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Culture Produced by Geoph Kozeny and FIC

Visions of Utopia

$10 Books

Our selection of books cover a wide range of topics useful for creating and living in intentional community. We offer leading literature on group facilitation, step-by-step guides for cooperative economics within agriculture, and creative approaches to climate change and peak oil. Just to name a few! Check out more at the Governance and Group Dynamics page as well as the Cooperative Economics page.

Building United Judgment By The Center for Conflict Resolution

Building United Judgment

A Manual for Group Facilitation By The Center for Conflict Resolution

Manual Group Facilitators

Beetless Gardening Book: An Organic Gardening Songbook/Guidebook By Chris Roth

Beetless Gardening

Zen of Groups: The Handbook for People Meeting with a Purpose by Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey & Bill Taylor

Zen of Groups

Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen’s Guide to Community Supported Agriculture
by Elizabeth Henderson with Robyn Van En

Sharing the Harvest

Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil & Climate Change by Pat Murphy

Plan C

Culture Change: Civil Liberty, Peak Oil, and the End of Empire by Alexis Zeigler

Culture Change

Communities Directory, 6th Edition (2010) by Foundation for Intentional Community

Communities Directory 6th Ed.

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