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Spring Sale Just For You!

Posted on March 21, 2017 by
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Community Bookstore Spring Sale
Up to half off on Books, Magazines, and Movies!
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Friends across the globe, those of us north of the equator wish you a happy Spring Equinox! Despite the unpredictability of our weather these days, we are nonetheless celebrating a season of new life, reproduction, and launching the dreams we’ve been incubating all winter. Won’t you join us?

Combo Deal with DirectoryWhat better time to restock your library?! Leap into the season with discounted books on agriculture, permaculture, climate change, group process and more. Sales are up to 50% off! See the entire selection at our Spring Sale page.

Plus, you can receive a major discount when you order the 1-year Communities magazine subscription with the Communities Directory, 7th edition. Originally priced at $60, the combo is only $39!

All of the following titles are on sale:

Half Off Sale FIC Spring 2017

Community Bookstore
23 Dancing Rabbit Ln
Rutledge MO 63563

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